CANNON Anglers Paddles in stock


Slider technology adjusts from 240-260cm

Ideal paddle for kayaks with High-Low Kayak seat systems

Large powerful blades to move wider fishing kayaks

Tough, durable nylon blades available in Moss Green or Black

Smooth fiberglass shaft increases comfort and control

40” tape label to measure your catch

Weight: 40oz (1134g)

Blade Size: 101sq in (651sq cm)

The Wave Fishing Slider features an aggressive dihedral angle for easier pull through the water. The blade is made of a durable fiberglass nylon. The stiffness of this medium size blade promotes ultimate stroke efficiency and the ability to move today’s larger fishing kayaks with ease. The Slider’s adjustable length matches extremely well with today’s high-low seating systems. The smooth fiberglass shaft promotes comfort, feel and performance. The shaft also comes with a laser tape measure to record your next catch 

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Great paddle for fisherman on a budget

Rubber coated aluminum shaft for comfort

Lasered tape measure

Slider Technology adjusts from 240-260cm

Weight: 40oz (1134g)

Blade Size: 95sq in (613sq cm)

For the fisherman that wants a feature rich paddle that doesn’t break the bank. The Kingfisher is a rubber coated aluminum shaft that will help keep your hands warm during cold weather paddling days. The Kingfisher adjusts from 240cm-260cm to fit today’s high-low seating systems. The Kingfisher blades are made from a durable fiberglass reinforced nylon that holds up to oyster beds and other rough water conditions.


We can order the full line of  Accent \ Cannon Paddles.