We all thought the Voodoo was going to be the apex of multi platform hybrids, but the Zulu just stole the show!
With stats like these, the industry just got taken to a new level of hybrid designs.
:Length 12.7'
:Width 35"
:Weight 85lbs
:Capacity 500 lbs

So what is this new craft? I'm not real sure! Let's break it down.....
The Zulu takes the aggressive bow of the Wahoo kayak for conquering those choppy waters, or power boat wakes.  With a little recess added to the deck, and a comfy deck pad is has a more cockpit feel. It's still sporting those accessory rails we all love, and snagged that big seat\casting platform from the Voodoo. Though arranged differently, it still has 5 micro power pole mounting positions across the stern like it's bigger brother. There are seemingly endless options such as motors, anchor poles, even an outboard motor. The Zulu received 2 great big hatches for storage, and hull access. The rear hatch was specifically given a size & shape to accommodate a battery. We can still see the attributes of a micro skiff, and a paddle board for getting into that skinny water to flats fish. Measuring 5in shorter, and 1in wider than the Voodoo, it increased capacity by 50lbs. That brings it to a 500lb capacity.  You'll hear big guys\gals, and weekenders rejoice over the extra capacity!

Paddle, peddle, or power; recreation, camping, hunting, fishing, or exploring.  The Zulu is sure to get you there!

Currently Priced at $1350


Pedal Drive & Rudder System

Kaku pulled out all the stops, and topped it all off with the addition of an optional pedal drive \ rudder steering system. They bost a smooth operation, and transition being deployed & retracted

The propeller style peddle drive drops through an opening in the forward deck, and is secured to a bracket allowing it's easy deployment & retraction. Models without the drive system have a large cover that doubles as a mounting location for a fish finder, and transducer.

The lever style steering is achieved with an HD cable that passes through the hull, and connects to the large alloy rudder mounted to the stern.

Currently Priced at $650

Zulu's are available in Storm Camo, Sea Foam, Winter Camo, Lime